Is Privacy a Lie?

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Based on my previous blog, Data Planet we know that with technologies we have now, marketers are constantly able to collect data off their consumers on their everyday life or habits.

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With the data collected from consumers’ electrical devices, like a mobile phone, whatever the owner search for, videos watched and posted will be collected. With all those information, a marketer will have power over their consumers by knowing when or where to sell their product through predictive analytics.

A business must clearly state that data collected of their consumers must be kept by them and not to be shared with others, without consent. A recent example for not following this was Facebook, where apparently they let a third party users to collect data through them.

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Even though laws are in place to counter this sort of events from happening, but as seen with Facebook, it is hard to enforce. Only way for business to avoid something like this from happening is by being transparent and having clear consent from consumers before giving their data away. This would give consumers more control over their data so that they will feel more safe and less concern with their data.

What do you think, is privacy a large concern when it comes to sharing data with others?

A.I. Takeover

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When I say A.I. takeover, I donโ€™t mean by them literally taking over the world and killing everyone off, but instead, them replacing people in tedious jobs that nobody wants to do. But at the same time, this can be seen as A.I. is completely taking all the jobs away leaving people with no jobs.

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Musio, an Android based robot

Even right now, some houses are fully run by A.I., like the Google Home or Alexa. From the lights of the house to the TV and even the fridges of the house are all connected to the device. Sooner or later, all household appliances will become connected to one another and thus creating the Internet of Things (IoT).

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A.I. would also allow marketers to collect data about their consumers through their purchasing behaviour and the amount they are willing to spend. This would then allow marketers to perform predictive analytics knowing when the right time will be to sell their products and at what recommended price.

Another use for A.I. is a chatbot where consumers are able to communicate with it at any time and does not require a human to run it, but there are times when it is unable to understand human speech, that is only when humans will come and interfere.

Do you think A.I. is the future of marketing? Will it replace people’s jobs?

It’s all about dem likes

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With about half of the world’s population owning a social media account, everyday life is now can be affected by just a small single tweet on Twitter.

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With these social media platforms, businesses can now reach their consumers easily through the business’s own account or page. Even for new business who wants to increase their brand awareness, social media is the best way to do it as it can reach many people and at the same time do not cost as much as a physical one.

Through social media, a business can be able to communicate with their consumers directly also through private message or comments of their posts.

Subway Australia replies to their consumers

Another effective way for businesses to advertise their brand is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing can be either paid or earned, where earned is the more preferable choice of option. Paid as stated is just paying the influencers for making their product known while earned is when influencers decides to share their experience using the company’s product, letting their followers know about it. Consumers tend to trust this more because this sort of advertising is more convincing compared to a paid one.

How effective do you think social media marketing is? Is it a useful tool?

Mini Computers

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Mobile phones, from big and bulky phones the size of a rugby ball but as heavy as 1 kilo dumbbell that used to cost around US$3,995 (US$9,864 after inflation in 2018) to a small high tech pocket-sized devices that has almost the same exact function as a computer in today’s world but cost as cheap as US$300.

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Since around 3.3 billion people in the world owns a phone or two, it will be easy for digital marketers to connect with their consumers, through mobile marketing.

Through proximity marketing, marketers can communicate with consumers who are nearby. For example, whenever a consumer searches for ‘places to eat nearby’ on Google, restaurants that are nearby and quite popular would pop up in the first few searches.


Marketers could take advantage of these and allow their business to be more aware by consumers.

Another popular way of connecting with consumers is through phone apps. By downloading the app of a business, a consumer is more likely to consume from them as they will be able to frequently communicate with the business easily without having to search for the business online through a search browser.

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Lastly, popular way for advertising a brand is through in-game advertising As a person who games on my phone for free, I experience these ads a lot and it can be quite annoying at times as I get interrupted by them after I complete a level. But because of these ads, I become aware of these brands which served their purpose in the end.

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What do you think? How much has mobile phones impact the lives of people and ways of marketing?

Skip in 5…

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With mobile phones in almost everyone’s pockets, it is so easy for companies to contact their consumers through online ads. And anyone who owns a smartphone surely have apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Well, I for one do have all those apps in my devices.

As a heavy user, I have experience many advertisements from all those apps everyday of my life since owning a smartphone, especially from YouTube in particular.

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In my opinion, the ads on YouTube does bring awareness for their brand or any promotional products being sold, but there are times when they market theirselves too heavily to the point of me getting very annoyed at the ads, especially the ones that cannot be skipped.


Although it may be annoying at times, it does give awareness to brands not heard of. Based on a study, YouTube is the second most popular platform in the world, and by advertising your company on it, It will expand your digital reach, correctly targets your consumer based on their taste and how it relates to your company based on their algorithm and etc.

When consumers try to find goods within your industry, with the ads, your company would pop up into their mind as they have been repeatedly played before their videos regardless how much they skip it.

What do you think, does it help out the company and should companies use this platform more?

Virtual World

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With new technology coming out every year, one that intrigues me the most is the virtual reality (VR). VR is, like its name states, is entering and experiencing a space through our computers that is nonexistent. When it first came out, it is mainly used for gamers to experience gaming with a full view through the eyes on their character.

Oculus rift was the first VR headset made, it was made by Oculus back in 2010 and they currently still are producing more newer versions of it. Since it has been out for almost 10 years, many tech companies integrating this technology into their system, like Sony, Nintendo and HTC.


With many games optimised for VR, people have meet and created a community regarding VR. For example, VRChat is a game that allows people to socialise with one another through virtual reality. It can be used to make new long lasting friendships and might even cure social anxiety to those who have trouble speaking to others in real life.

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VR can be applied to marketing by allowing the consumers to be able to experience the product before buying it. This would allow consumers to try the product without having to give them a physical one. For example, interior designers can give customers a virtual tour of a place would look like before they can start their project and if consumers enjoy the design virtually, they would be sure to enjoy using it in real life.

Who knows, maybe one day, this will be the future of marketing as the technology is still quite young. Would it be a good way to market goods as it will be free?

Data Planet

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As people become more and more reliant on the digital devices, it creates more data everyday just to store all the activity performed with their devices. In just a day, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated, and that’s 18 zeros.

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With 62.9% of the world population owning a phone and still growing over the years, it is easier than ever for a businesses to collect data from their consumers as almost everything is available publicly online.

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Businesses can collect the data of consumers and then use it to segment their consumers easier and better understand their consumers through segmentation. For example, Spotify and Netflix will recommend musics or shows within the same category of what a consumer normally watches or listens to.

Data collected by the activities made by the consumers would allow the business to sometimes predict when a consumers needs or wants to buy something.

Consumers would then be able to find the goods easily and be more encouraged to get it. Businesses are able to take advantages of this and then sell their products to their targeted consumers.

What do you think of this, is this a better way for business to advertise their products to consumers?

Subtly Unsubtle

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If you are an active Facebook user or read the news, you may have heard of Subtle Asian Traits. You may even be inside that group too.


It is amazing how just a group of six Asian-Australian high school students who just wanted to escape from exams by creating a Facebook group to share memes with each other and experiences of cultural differences by staying in a western country with others, grew into a group with over a million members today.

I am also in that group, and every time when I log into Facebook, 70% of the posts I see on my news feed are from that group itself and I enjoy the posts there because I am able to relate to it.

One of the main reference there is the drink bubble tea. With many international students coming to Melbourne to study, this gives many opportunities to bubble tea stores like Chatime and Gongcha to flourish with their business.


Based on Google Trends, over the years, the popularity of bubble tea increased in Australia alone as search results for it have been increasing especially in 2018, when Subtle Asian Traits came out.

Even without advertising themselves, companies and potential companies can open more shops due to the large market. Even I get cravings for it when I see posts from there.

Are you in the group and do you get the references?

No more shops?

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Nowadays, more and more businesses are integrating and adapting on the internet. With the internet, businesses have a cheaper alternative to run their shops online as they would not need to pay for rent and utilities by running an online store.

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With the birth of Spotify and Netflix, they left many of their brick and mortar competitors in their industry behind or out of business. This is because they provide the exact same products and services as the physical stores.

Even with the birth of e-books, many bookstores lost its popularity and sales as physical books are very big and bulky to carry around as compared to digital ones that can be stored into data inside a pocket device.

From retail clothing stores to grocery stores, businesses like those now allow consumers to purchase their goods and services online now from the convenience of the consumers’ home. From their website, a consumer can tell whether or not the companies have stock of the products they are looking for. This allows consumers to save money on having to take trips all the way to the physical store and saves businesses money by opening less shops.

Although many businesses nowadays resort to online sales and digital marketing, traditional marketing still exist today because there are still many people who still prefer the touch and feel of the product before buying them.

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What do you think, online or traditional, which would you prefer?

Digital marketing in today’s world.

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Welcome to the 21st century, where everything can be done online. It is relatable because I hang out with my group of friends virtually on online games such as Minecraft and CS:GO. Even when planning to eat, we search it up online to see the reviews and availability of a restaurant before deciding on where to meet up.

an example

Businesses can use digital marketing to easily contact their consumers. By having a website, consumers could easily search them up before considering to purchase and consume their products. As long as the business has an online presence by marketing the business online. For example, a business can market themselves by posting an ad on a blog like this and pay the blogger based on the number of clicks they get by the readers. With this, more people would be able to get to know the existence of the business.

As a gamer, whenever Steam comes up with a sale, they always send me an email notifying me about games that I might be interested in. This is a form of digital marketing called email marketing as it is a for a company to keep in touch with their consumers and in fact, it is also very effective, because people usually check their emails due to their jobs or businesses.

Digital marketing is everywhere in todayโ€™s world and it is part of our lifestyle.